Eye-Fi 16GB Class 10 Wi-Fi SDHC Card with 1-Year Cloud Service (MOBI-16PLFF) Eyefi

R$ 999.999,00
Includes 1-Year Eyefi Cloud membership with unlimited photos (sign up in mobile app) Ready to use -- simple activation code pairs your mobile device to your Mobile SD card Transfer photos from your camera to your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android or desktop/laptop as you take them Organize, sync and share photos through Eyefi Cloud to enjoy on any web-enabled device Shoot HD video and fast action shots thanks to Class 10 read and write
Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

When taking great photos matters, Eyefi is essential. Eyefi wireless SD cards, apps and cloud services provide a powerful and convenient way to use your digital camera to capture life's moments and experience them whenever and wherever you want. Eyefi works from the moment of capture, instantly transferring, organizing and syncing your photos across all your devices so you can share and enjoy them anywhere.

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